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Home Exchange scheme makes newly-married couple’s house-buying experience ‘a breeze’

Sagar and Courtney Depala in their new home at the Tilia Park development in Rugby

Sagar and Courtney Depala spent the beginning of their year exploring different showhomes right across the Midlands, until they came across a house in Cawston which couldn’t have been more ideal for the pair.

The recently married couple were previously living in a three-bedroom home in Warwickshire.

They moved into their brand new five-bedroom Allexton home at Tilia Park in the village of Cawston on the edge of Rugby and haven’t looked back since.

The couple took advantage of Ashberry’s Home Exchange scheme, which allows buyers to purchase their new home and sell their old house in one move.

They were also given the advantage of having two independent estate agents value their property before Ashberry made an offer to ensure that it was fair.

Sagar, 30, said: “Ashberry’s Home Exchange scheme meant that we knew exactly what we were going to be paying upfront, as well as having a guaranteed buyer, with no chance of a property chain collapsing.

“Once we reviewed and accepted Ashberry’s offer, the pressure was off as we knew we could guarantee our house would be sold for a price that we were both happy with.”

Courtney, 34, said: “Home Exchange turned out to be a very simple process that took all of the headache out of selling.

“The scheme was one of the reasons why we had such a great moving experience, as it enabled us to move both quickly and efficiently.

“A group of friends told us to check out Cawston.

“They suggested that the friendly, vibrant community along with the picturesque, idyllic location would make for a lovely place to settle down.

“There are plenty of scenic walking routes in the area that we both enjoy making the most of.

“Our new home is just a short distance to Bilton where I like to go running.

“We had seen a lot of showhomes during our house hunt, but the one at Tilia Park was far beyond the standards that we had seen previously, and it completely exceeded our expectations.

“We are over the moon with our decision to move here, everything has been completely ideal, and we are very satisfied overall.”

Sagar said: “Transport links are very strong and necessary for both of our jobs; our new home is very central in terms of position in the country, which has been a massive advantage to us.

“I work in Solihull in Manufacturing, and Courtney works in Warwick as a Regulatory Analyst Engineer in Gas Transmission, so living in the middle of the country is very convenient for both of us.

“We tend to have a lot of guests and work at home very frequently, so the extra space works out perfectly. The garage is integrated and we both love to spend time in there, doing woodcrafts together.

“Tilia Park was just right for our situation, and everything fell into place perfectly for us.”

For more information on the homes available at Tilia Park in Cawston, please call 01788 812570, or visit the sales centre. Alternatively, you can visit: