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West Midlands Mayor praises travel firm for rising to “climate emergency” challenge

A popular Solihull travel firm has been singled out for praise by the West Midlands mayor for rising to the “climate emergency” challenge in the region.

LandFlight is the first travel firm in the West Midlands to replace all of its buses with low emission Euro 6 vehicles.

Euro 6 is the sixth incarnation of the European Union directive to reduce harmful pollutants from vehicle exhausts.

The aim of Euro 6 is to reduce levels of harmful vehicle emissions. This includes nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

LandFlight director Danny Matthews said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have become the first travel firm in the West Midlands to have replaced our entire bus fleet with low emission vehicles.

“As a bus operator we have a responsibility to provide a safe, reliable service to our customers but also to be constantly striving to do what we can to lessen the impact our vehicles have on the environment.”

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “We have a climate emergency in the West Midlands and air pollution plays a significant role in that.

“Not only do we have to look at how we encourage more people out of their cars and onto public transport, but we have to do everything we can to make our public transport as clean as possible.

“That is why I set out a clear ambition for the West Midlands to have the first clean bus fleet outside of London by 2021, and I am now delighted to see that LandFlight has risen to the challenge and converted its entire fleet to become Euro 6 low emission standard.”

Not only has LandFlight replaced all its buses with Euro 6 vehicles, the rest of its fleet, which includes coaches and cars, has also been replaced with low emission versions.

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