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The Top Three UK Cities for Entrepreneurs

The UK is home to some of the world’s highest grossing firms. It’s unsurprising that it attracts scores of entrepreneurs every year. But which are the best cities for aspiring business leaders?

Very often, it depends on how much funding business growth receives. Areas with a higher rate of this tend to boast more successful start-ups.

With this in mind, we explore the top three metropoles for aspiring directors.

  1. Leicester

The East Midlands city has a sizeable metropolitan economy. It has the third highest population to start up ratio in the UK.

And that’s why it has been named the third most entrepreneurial city in the country. This is according to a report released by Instant Offices last year.

And it’s largely thanks to funding in business growth, as well as services for entrepreneurs.

Specialists across Britain – such as Downing – are helping people across the UK to build a successful start-up.

Leicester testifies the value of attributing both time and money to entrepreneurs. After all, they can contribute hugely to the economy.

  1. London

London often ranks highly when it comes to business development rates. In regard to start-up numbers, it climbs above all other UK cities.

However, this isn’t on a pro rata basis. This means that its start up to population ratio is too low for it to be the most entrepreneurial British city.

But its total number of new companies is still high. In 2017, it saw the launch of 145, 993 new companies. This number may continue to grow.

However, Brexit uncertainty could affect how many people from overseas – particularly EU countries – choose to install a business there.

For now, its global significance remains high in relation to business.

  1. Birmingham

Though it may have once sounded unlikely, Birmingham has been voted the UK’s most entrepreneurial city. This is according to the Instant Offices study, which was released last year.

The midlands city doesn’t have the highest total number of start-ups; as we already know, that title belongs to London.

It does, however, have the most new firms on a pro rata basis. It has, therefore, overtaken the capital in regard to its start-up to population ratio. And this feat has enabled it to become the most entrepreneurial city in Britain.

The completion of high-speed railway HS2 (High Speed 2), which is scheduled for 2033, could also help to raise growth levels in the Midlands metropolis.

Birmingham’s future looks bright – particularly for anyone wanting to create a new business.

Many people dream of forming a successful business. Yet few people manage to achieve this. Thanks to funding and support, Britain could see a rise in entrepreneurs. This is an exciting time for UK companies.