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SimpliWiFi reports ‘a marked increase’ in the use of live event portals by organisers

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of mobile WiFi has reported that an increasing number of events organisers are making use of specially tailored web portals to help guests access the information they need.

Hereford-based SimpliWiFi says that more than 40 per cent of its clients that use publicly accessible WiFi at their events are utilising bespoke web portals as a method of logging in to their connections to enhance the experience for guests – a marked increase on previous years.

The portals typically include information on exhibitors, an interactive map and even special discounts and offers being promoted during shows, accord to SimpliWiFi.

Ozan Pakyuz, the company’s Founder and Managing Director, said: “We are often asked about the use of online portals and we have definitely seen a surge of their use on public WiFi networks in the last few years.

“Portals are a fantastic way to share information about an event and help to reduce the number of help desks required at an event.”

Ozan said that they also opened up the opportunity to make extra income at an event by providing a bespoke platform for exhibitors and speakers to advertise their services or products.

He said: “Considering the relatively low costs involved in creating a portal on a public WiFi network I am surprised that more event organisers haven’t yet tapped into this simple tool.”

Concluding, Ozan said that WiFi had become a ubiquitous requirement of any modern-day event, but said that organisers could be doing more to turn this to their own advantage.

“While privacy remains an essential part of running a WiFi network, portals make it easier for organisers to gain information about guests, which can then be utilised for future events to ensure the right audience is targeted each time.

“This technology should no longer be limited to just the largest of trade shows and should be considered by smaller events as the logistics and cost of running such a service have become far more budget friendly.”