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Sally Bee speaks from the heart in exclusive World Health Day event

On Thursday 12 April TV chef, bestselling author and nationally renowned health and wellness coach, Sally Bee will be taking to the stage to speak ‘from the heart’ in an awe-inspiring event aimed to motivate the power of positive thinking and the impact it can have on our daily lives. With this Saturday marking World Health Day across the globe, Birmingham-local Sally draws upon her own experiences with illness and recovery in a one-off event aimed to awaken self-belief and even go as far as changing lives.

Taking place on Thursday 12 April at The Bramall, Sally Bee’s ‘From the Heart’ event encompasses Sally’s philosophy for taking control of your own health and wellbeing whilst practicing the power of positive thinking.  Supported by comedy star Mel Moon, the event will take guests on a hilarious yet heart-warming journey that aims to enlighten and inspire attendees to make changes to their own lives.

Backed by the World Health Organization, World Health Day been drawing attention to global issues for seven decades and is all about encouraging conversations about healthcare-related issues. Sally Bee hopes to bring a piece the awareness day the Midlands in this one-off event set to get the region talking about the link between healthy minds and healthy bodies.

Talking about the From The Heart event, Sally Bee comments:

“With this Saturday marking World Health Day across the globe, it seems more important than ever to be talking about the importance of how a positive mindset can really benefit our health. Drawing upon my own personal experiences of how positivity can significantly aid the road to recovery, I want to share the lessons I have learnt on my journey with people might be in need of some support.

“If you are looking to make changes to your health, wealth, relationships, and goals; whether you are struggling with a new diagnosis, bereavement or simply want to squeeze more juice out of your life, I hope that this event can be a step in the right direction towards changing your life!”

As a five-time heart attack survivor, Sally’s philosophy for taking control of her future health and wellbeing meant that she was able to survive the unsuviveable. At the age of 36, Sally suffered three heart attacks, caused by a rare heart condition, in one week. Doctors told her family to say goodbye, as it was impossible for her to live with the devastating damage her heart had sustained. However, Sally survived and continued to thrive, until 12 years later when she suffered another two heart attacks. Yet again, her lifestyle, food, thought and movement helped her to survive and recover. Today, she continues to glow with health; her doctors are amazed by her resilience and believe that her lifestyle is keeping her alive.

Sally now works closely with NHS consultants and patients to raise awareness of the importance of positivity when dealing with illness and treatment.As well as her coaching work, Sally works for ITV as a Healthy Homecook and Wellbeing Expert. She appears regularly on Lorraine, Good Morning Britain and This Morning, and last year was part of Lorraine’s Bikini Promise challenge, offering up her expertise on nutrition and healthy eating.

Sally Bee will be speaking in her From The Heart event taking place at the Bramhall on Thursday 12 April. Tickets are priced at £18.50 for adults, £10 for students and £23.50 for VIP meet & greets. For more information please visit