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Recruiter becomes core partner of the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative (FOBMI)

Engineering, manufacturing and technology recruitment specialist, Jonathan Lee Recruitment, has announced it has become a core partner of the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative (FoBMI).

FoBMI, led by engineering design software specialists Autodesk, brings a hands-on approach to helping UK design and manufacturing SMEs embrace digital technologies that help them make better products, sell more and generate greater profits.

As one of the core partners, Jonathan Lee Recruitment will bring their expertise in advanced manufacturing and engineering to provide skills advice to SMEs involved with the initiative.

One of the key components of the initiative is a readiness assessment which can be accessed via Jonathan Lee Recruitment’s website, This provides the first step to gaining practical and realistic advice to businesses wanting to improve and adopt disruptive technologies.

David Woakes, Group Business Development Manager at Jonathan Lee Recruitment, commented: “A key aim of this initiative is to add substance to the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) or Industry 4.0; the readiness assessment provides the first step to practical advice to driving genuine competitive advantage for the UK industry.

“We want to demonstrate that the benefits associated with Industry 4.0 are truly accessible to businesses of all sizes. 4IR continues to build momentum, and if companies are not including this phenomenon in their strategic planning processes, they are already behind the curve.

“Our SME client base acknowledges that industry is changing, and customer expectations are evolving with smarter, better connected and customised products, but don’t often have the time, digital skill-set or digital knowledge to know where to begin. FoBMI is about removing the jargon and buzzwords, identifying which elements of 4IR are actually relevant and providing practical help to getting started.

We are looking forward to working with the Future of British Manufacturing Initiative (FoMBI) to share our expertise and support businesses in navigating these changes and preparing themselves, and their workforce for the future.”

Asif Moghal, Senior Industry Manager at Autodesk added: “We are thrilled to welcome Jonathan Lee Recruitment as a core partner – their commitment to addressing future skills challenges and in-depth understanding of 4IR transformation will be invaluable.

“British manufacturing continues to experience incredible pressure to remain competitive thanks to increasing globalisation, aggressive competition and a greater sophistication of the products requested by consumers to be designed and manufactured.

“Combine these factors with disruptors like cloud, mobile computing, additive and subtractive manufacturing and you’re describing an environment that is complex. Once demystified, it has the potential to create impressive, new and sometimes unimaginable opportunities for those who are innovative and agile, no matter the business size.

“We are truly serious about enabling British manufacturing. The industry needs to roll its sleeves up and work together to deliver some pragmatic initiatives that genuinely make a difference to the typical manufacturer, who doesn’t have the resources of larger organisations.

“Alongside our core partners, FoBMI will support any SME requiring guidance. Our overall aim is to make the UK a global leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

FoBMI core partners also include Lloyds Bank, Simon-Kucher & Partners, FBC Manby Bowdler and MacIntyre Hudson Associates.

To complete the assessment form please visit: For more information on the Future of British Manufacturing initiative, visit: