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New works by internationally renowned sculptor unveiled in Birmingham

Lorenzo Quinn

An exhibition of works by renowned international artist, Lorenzo Quinn, was unveiled at a Birmingham gallery yesterday.

Possibilita will run at Castle Fine Art’s flagship gallery in the Mailbox from Thursday 26th September until Sunday 13th October.

Through the body of work, Lorenzo revisits his most fundamental inspiration – the physical embodiment of emotion – and his ongoing exploration of human experience and visual representation of abstract, universal values. Possibilita reveals the full scope of his artistic project, journeying from the traditional methods used to make each sculpture, to the progressive creativity of his future visions.

One of the world’s leading figurative sculptors, Lorenzo Quinn’s work appears in many private collections throughout the world.  His public installations include 2017’s most-photographed piece of art in the 57th Venice Biennale, a giant pair of hands reaching out of the Grand Canal titled Support, and the artist returned to the Venice Biennale again this year to release his latest public artwork, Building Bridges.

Quinn’s artistic inspirations include masters Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin, and his sculptures reflect his creative approach to the passage of time, as he describes his sculpture Leap of Faith: ‘The past is set in stone, the present is carving itself in wood, and the future is an empty goblet to fill with dreams’.

The son of costume designer and Mexican-American actor Anthony Quinn, Lorenzo split his childhood between Italy and the USA. He studied at the American Academy of the Fine Arts in New York, originally hoping to become a Surrealist painter.

During his twenties, he enjoyed a brief acting career, playing alongside his father in the 1989 film, Stradivari. His need to create took over, and he turned to sculpture as a way to convey his innermost feelings to the viewer.

Danny Wigley, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art, the Mailbox, said: “Lorenzo Quinn is one of the greatest sculptors of our time, so for this exhibition the entire gallery is dedicated to his magnificent artwork.

“We invite all art enthusiasts and fans of Lorenzo’s work to experience this rare opportunity to view an array of his sculptures, both large and small, in person, and learn about the fascinating concepts behind each piece.”  

For more information about the exhibition, please contact the gallery:  or call: 0121 633 0015.