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New aircraft seat crafted in Midlands takes to the skies

L-R: Paul Fenner and Gary Doy

A Redditch company which designs and manufactures innovative aircraft seats has taken to the skies with its new product.

Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems, which was founded by Gary Doy and Howard Guy, completed the final certification of the PF3000 aircraft seat earlier this year and the product is now being used on Airbus aircraft.

The company, which was formed in 2010, is an off-shoot of Design Q, which was founded by the pair in 1997 and focuses on designing luxury yachts, private jets and sports cars for businesses and individuals.

Both Design Q and Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems work with leading accountancy firm Moore Stephens, who have helped Gary and Howard’s business venture grow by unlocking financial support for them ever since Design Q was launched.

The new light weight seat released by Pitch Aircraft provides more space and comfort than their previous model, the PF2000, which became the seat of choice for Monarch airlines A321 Fleet before the firm’s collapse.

Its design will also help save airlines money and making plane travel more environmentally friendly.

The PF3000 was launched at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016 in Hamburg and received very positive feedback from the airlines.

Gary said: “This is an exciting time for Pitch as we get ready to introduce passengers to the PF 3000, which is a step forward from our revolutionary PF2000.

“It is even lighter than the previous seat and very robust, meaning that airlines will pay less to fly the seat during its serviceable lifetime.

“For the passenger you get up to 3” more leg space with a room for your magazines and personal electronic devices built in.

“We have engineered a fixed back recline which will be more comfortable for passengers than what is already out there.

“For airlines, the lighter weight of our seats means they can save money on fuel, which is one of their biggest expenses.

“We believe in this product and we are excited to see all of the benefits it can bring to commercial flights turn into a reality.”

The business, based at the Washford Trading Estate since its inception, has had a long lasting relationship with leading accountancy firm Moore Stephens, where partner Paul Fenner has worked closely with Gary and Howard throughout their journey.

Paul said: “Gary and Howards have always been forward thinking and capable of producing products that are innovative and practical.

“I am sure their latest advancement in the world of interior aircraft design will be another huge success and will have people all over the world enjoying more comfortable flights than ever before.”

Pitch currently employ over 15 people and is hoping to continue its steady growth, with the aim of creating traction through getting the PF3000 used on single-aisle Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Gary and Howard are ultimately hoping to double their staff count over the next few years.