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Increased demand for 3D and CGI videos

3D and CGI videos are becoming increasingly popular, proving particularly effective for marketing and advertising purposes.

Creating captivating and innovative content is vital in capturing your target market’s attention, meaning companies and business are continuously looking to share stand-out content.

One of the best methods of designing unique marketing and advertising content is to tap into 3D and CGI; with Mooch Creative, a digital marketing agency in the West Midlands, noticing a substantial increase in these requests.

3D and CGI illustration is particularly effective when trying to tell a brand or product story. The average person is exposed to 5,000 adverts every single day, meaning they learn to ignore the ones that don’t quickly capture their attention. With so much competition among advertisers and marketers to reach their target market effectively, the likes of 3D and CGI have provided an opportunity for companies to not only reach consumers, but to excite and educate them.

On social media platforms, CGI and 3D video is often featured on market leaders’ channels. When implemented correctly, industry-leading 3D and CGI video can become viral content, being shared indefinitely and reaching limitless numbers of people. With so many posts every day, it takes creative and exciting content to cut through the noise and stand out… and this is the perfect way to do exactly that. When used correctly, effective marketing campaigns using CGI and 3D videos can work to help potential customers envisage a product or service, tempting them to make a purchase and creating more desirability, working to increase sales and get people talking.

Including 3D and CGI on websites is another way to demonstrate a company’s creativity and desirability, making it stand out from competitors’ sites. Taking websites to the next level, brand-specific, realistic animations and videos can showcase a company’s top tier products. Far more thought-provoking than traditional imagery or 2D video content, 3D and CGI can paint a more in-depth picture of your offering, working to secure sales and create a memorable website which consumers want to visit again.

For companies looking to make an impression, 3D and CGI can be implemented at exhibitions, forming part of stands and stopping passers-by. Whether it’s right at the front of your exhibition stand, or an activation which gets people involved, there is no doubt that including these impressive, lifelike graphics will bring crowds and spark conversation.

In a similar way, imagery or video advertising is often used in outdoor media, yet we learn to look through it unless it is of particular relevance. 3D and CGI can take advertising to new heights, wowing and engaging people as they walk past and making messaging stand out and last in consumers’ minds. Products, campaigns and brand values can truly be brought to life through 3D and CGI, wherever the outdoor media space may be.

Effective 3D and CGI designs can also be included in printed materials, for example, marketing brochures or leaflets. This can work to successfully portray messaging where other companies fail to make an impression. Print can often be dull and fail to capture people’s imaginations, but by using creative, cutting-edge 3D and CGI, brands and companies are easily able to bring any project to life. As well as reducing the length of text needed by helping readers to visualise a product or process, it can also explain more visually, helping to avoid miscommunications across marketing.

Videos and presentations utilising 3D and CGI can highlight any USP, bringing new ways of translating messages. From a fully animated ‘how to’ video or explanation of a service, to 3D illustrations which give a more lifelike view of a product, there is no limit to the ways in which this can benefit companies. As well as demonstrating creativity and innovation, it can provide a deeper insight. For example, imagine trying to build flat-pack furniture with a text brochure… it would be almost impossible. The next best option would be to have 2D sketches, however this can still prove troublesome. Having a 3D or CGI instruction video creates a true-to-life, visual instruction manual, which when marketed, would encourage people to make a purchase based on their deeper understanding of the product for sale, and the product’s assembly, which they have now been educated on.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two terms which are becoming increasingly used, however very few companies are making the most of these opportunities. To create an immersive experience, 3D and CGI is able to join forces with AR and VR, working to help potential customers to visualise a product or service in use, enabling them to understand fully through marketing, before buying.

3D and CGI video are being increasingly used by forward-thinking brands, creating an opportunity for companies to get ahead of their competition. To be executed properly, it takes time for experts to create this type of content, ensuring the finished product is eye-catching and captivating. It works to create memorable content for all the right reasons, engaging audiences, growing brand loyalty and creating conversation around the companies that use 3D and CGI in their marketing and advertising.

Mooch Creative can transform the way you market your products and help you to stand way above competitors with their highly talented 3D and CGI designers. Why not view their full range of 3D and CGI services or use their 3D video cost calculator to see how much one of these would cost for your business