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How to make your corporate event a success

Business is booming for Midlands. Recent reports have shown West Midlands recording the highest increase in new businesses since June 2016. The region saw a 21 percent spike in start-ups and the introduction of resources to help businesses grow as entrepreneurs seek to build their business network and spread brand awareness. Many of these events will serve as product or business launches, customer mixers and informational sessions, all aimed at furthering the new business’ agenda: success.

For anyone planning a business event, they will attest that there are a lot of moving parts involved in the planning and execution. Creating the perfect mix of location and ambiance to stand out from the competition can be a tricky task but by keeping a few basics in mind, it is possible.

Define Your Guest List

Your target audience sets the tone and is the starting point for many of your other decisions in the event planning process including your location, decor, and catering. When building a guest list for the business event, consider your budget, potential industries or collaborators you may want to work with in the future, your business’ intended audience and of course, the nature of the event such as whether you are launching a new business or planning a company training session. If you are a direct seller, you will also want to include at least one media executive either print or digital, to help market or publicise the event. This alerts stakeholders that are not included in the business event to your business’ development or product launch.

Pick A Location Close To Your Target Audience

Once you have an idea of the message and tone you aim to transmit during your event, you can then begin your search for the perfect venue. To ensure maximum turnout, you want to choose something close to the intended audience. Choosing business venues like conference centres and corporate spaces can be quite different from choosing a personal venue. First up, take a look at nearby accommodations and transport links, particularly if your guest list includes out of town guests. Venue location platforms like often have a span of venue partnerships across Midlands and well-versed customer agents that can help you narrow down your choices according to budget, size, event and location radius.

You will also want a space that is suited to your business’ image or at least transformable to mimic it. For a new business that is building its brand image or a company that is unsure of what they want that image to be, speaking to an event planner can provide direction on not just the tone but also provide you with a helpful list of venues and equipment companies providing sound system hire and stage hire locally for similar events. Finally, consider any additional equipment you may need to stage your business event and the venue’s policy on using external equipment, including technical tools.

Build A Timeline For Both Preparations And Execution

Finally, to ensure your business event goes off smoothly, be sure to work with a strict event/project timeline. Setting out a timeline for preparation tasks and the actual event helps to reduce confusion and avoids the event planning process from going off track. It also helps business managers and event planners to prioritise and measure as preparation for the next one. Be sure to delegate responsibilities when drawing up your timeline. Having a clear map of how things are meant to go (and who is responsible for it) create a defined event map from start to finish.

Budget, Budget, and Budget

Continuing along the lines of keeping track, be sure to keep track of your event costs. Not only should you create an event budget but you must consistently measure up your progress against your targeted spend throughout the planning process. Splitting your overall event budget into individualised ones such as a venue or advertising budget can also help. Keep in mind that your budget and budgetary allocations should be closely synced to your intended ambiance and business image. For a business aiming for a more high end or exclusive product launch or conference, you would want to spend more on your venue and decor. Similarly, those looking to achieve mass participation may want to allocate more towards advertising and also, a larger venue.

Having your business event go off without a hitch is not only great for your business image but can be a crucial point in the age-old seven-point marketing tactic and determine your company’s future. To ensure it is a success, start with your basics: who, what and where. Once you have those nailed down, it becomes much easier to build and execute the perfect business event.