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Growth Hub Business Solutions launches new service for local authority recruitment

A new service designed to help local authorities fill their job vacancies has been launched by Business Solutions, the commercial arm of the CWLEP Growth Hub.

CW Employment Solutions will help councils save time and money, both by matching the right candidates with the right vacancies and by managing expectations all round so that new recruits are likely to stay.

Improving retention rates is an important aspect of the service, as the costs of continually re-advertising posts and settling people in only for them to leave shortly afterwards are ones which local authorities want to avoid.

CW Employment Solutions offers a turnkey solution from inception, job specification, search, through to support at interview and settling successful candidates into their new roles following appointment.

For local authorities that need to make every penny count and fill vacancies in a timely manner, reducing staff turnover and recruitment costs is an attractive prospect. The service offers independent, accurate advice based on market knowledge.

Richard Hales, (Manager) of CW Employment Solutions, said: “We will work with local authorities every step of the way to ensure that they get the right person for the job, and that new recruits have a clear picture of what their role entails and of the culture of the organisation.

“Employee retention is improved by managing expectations right from the start and gauging at interview whether or not the prospective employee buys into the organisation.

“We can guide local authorities about where to look for staff, across the spectrum of roles, and avoid the pitfall of advertising on the “wrong” job board for a role.

“Having vacancies lying open for weeks or even months on end, with other staff having to cover the work as best they can, puts pressure on already hard-pressed councils.”

The service is a first for Business Solutions. The commercial service goes beyond the scope of the fee-free services provided by CWLEP Growth Hub such as general business advice and help with grant funding.

Among its success stories was the appointment of a key specialist member of staff for a local authority that had previously been searching in vain for a long time. CW Employment Solutions identified better channels for search and successfully brought in a suitable person for the role.