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Future Proofing your Business through your Desk Phone

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With the imminent demise of ISDN and the nationwide launch of 5G, leading UK telecoms provider Network Telecom believes that now is the time for businesses to start considering the ways in which they can effectively future proof their business communications through their office telephone systems.

What are the implications of recent telephony changes?

As the telecoms industry evolves and develops, so must organisations in order to ensure their telephony solutions accurately reflect the infrastructure of the modern business and current styles of working. We’re all aware of the power of effective communication, and with some careful consideration in regard to how these changes will impact us, our communication tools can significantly aid in business productivity and profitability.

With the announcement that all ISDN lines will be switched off in 2025, paving the way for VoIP, businesses will have the opportunity to transition from traditional business phone lines to a hosted phone system.

With VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems replacing ISDN and PSTN lines, businesses will have the option of a hosted phone system, or choose to upgrade their existing business phone system, so they are able to connect with their broadband connection.

With a hosted system the benefits are plentiful, as calls will be delivered via the internet, so no need for bulky hardware, business phone lines or specialised engineers. Your business will also see a significant decrease in cost as you’ll receive cheaper call rates, free site-to-site calls, the ability to pick up calls via multiple devices and the opportunity to add users easily, with HD call quality and recording. Scalability and flexibility are easily achieved with a hosted voice system for your business. VoIP is faster, easily customisable and fully integrated as part of a business’s telephony solution.

Want all of the benefits of a VoIP phone system, but prefer to keep your business phones on the premises? With SIP Trunks (virtual lines that create a phone line over your internet connection) this is completely achievable. As with a hosted phone system, SIP trunks provide excellent opportunities for remote and off-site working. They also contain built in disaster recovery and can be scaled up or down without the need for additional, physical line installation.

What does the future of business look like and how can desk phones help?

To fully capitalise on the advantages of this new wave of telephony, and what it can offer to businesses, desk phone themselves have had to change too.

Interactive desk phones, such as NT Multimedia, offer the advantage of video conferencing capabilities which can save your business hundreds of pounds on unnecessary meetings. This also means increased efficiency and productivity through the ability to check your emails and diary at the touch of a button, without even having to turn your computer on.

Despite the many recent changes in the telecoms industry, businesses are still utilising all of the crucial business phone system features they are familiar with, like Call Recording, CTI, Mobile Integration, Auto Attendant and Professional Voicemail, all while operating smart office controls and having instant access to documents and business applications. Whether you want to create content, check the weather, update your business’ social media channels, control your office’s sound system and lighting or check your inbox, the possibilities are infinite.

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