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Fledgling Warwickshire drinks firm inks deal with Birmingham Airport Hilton

L-R: Hilton Manager Bora Nalbant and Ikoyi Chapmans Director Mike Robinson

Warwickshire-based drinks firm Ikoyi Chapmans is flying high after landing a deal with the new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel at Birmingham Airport.

The recently-launched soft drink is really taking off and the globally-recognised Hilton brand is now stocking the refreshing, citrus-flavoured beverage at its Concorde Road hotel, which opened its doors in September.

Brothers Mike and Garry Robinson, from Leamington, created the new drink based on an African thirst- quencher they enjoyed while growing up in Nigeria, and they launched a business in the spring to market it across the UK and beyond.

Hilton manager Bora Nalbant is so impressed with the drink’s unique taste that he’s agreed to put Chapmans in the hotel’s Diamond Club executive lounge and behind the main bar.

He said: “The Hilton is an exciting new hotel and Chapmans is an exciting new drink, so it’s a perfect partnership. We’ve both got great taste and we’re both hoping it will fly off the shelves.”

Ikoyi Chapmans director Mike Robinson added: “We’re on cloud nine knowing that visitors from all over the world will now have the opportunity to enjoy a Chapmans during their stay at the Hilton Garden Inn.

“To be associated with a globally-recognised brand like Hilton at such an early stage of our product’s development is something really special.

“We’ve brought this drink from the heart of Africa to the heart of the UK and we’re hoping people across the globe will now take it to their hearts.”

The drink certainly ticks a lot of millennial boxes as it’s non-alcoholic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly and exempt from sugar tax.

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