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Clean bill of health for Shropshire law firm

Staff at a leading law firm have been given the chance to have their health tested at a series of special wellbeing events.

The health and wellbeing days were hosted by multi award-winning solicitors Lanyon Bowdler at its offices in Shropshire and Herefordshire, giving staff the opportunity to receive advice from occupational health experts.

Debbie Brooks, HR manager at Lanyon Bowdler said the sessions raised awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and were well received by all those members of staff who took part.

“The health and wellbeing events were held over a period of about two months across our offices. They were informal affairs and allowed our workforce to have a discussion with occupational health clinicians and undertake health checks such as cholesterol and blood pressure testing,” she said.

“A range of interactive tools and health check equipment were provided to make the days as fun, engaging and educational as possible.

“Information was available around a number of topics including men’s health, women’s health, alcohol awareness and healthy eating.

“We care greatly about the health and wellbeing of our people, both at home and at work, and take seriously our responsibility as an employer.

“Working with L J Hannah Occupational Health, the wellbeing event enabled us to pass on a lot of useful information and the opportunity for cholesterol and blood pressure testing was well received by all who attended.”

Laura Hannah, of L J Hannah Occupational Health based in Shrewsbury, said: “Employers can make a real difference to their employees’ lives by making information available and raising awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“We worked with the Lanyon Bowdler HR team, as part of their health and wellbeing strategy, to create and deliver bespoke health and wellbeing days for their staff that were accessible at most of their sites.

“We have been thrilled with the feedback that we have received from the Lanyon Bowdler staff and we hope to continue to be a part of their health and wellbeing journey.”

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