£4150 raised for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice by Bootcamp Media

L-R: Pamela Hodgetts, Corporate Partnership Officer at Birmingham’s St Mary’s Hospice and Jamil ‘Jimi’ Shabir of Bootcamp Media

Charity-supporting businessman Jamil ‘Jimi’ Shabir, whose company Bootcamp Media who has won Best Web Design and Marketing Agency award has raised £4150 for Birmingham’s St Mary’s Hospice.

According to Jimi, the charity appeal was carried out shortly after the passing of a close relative under the care of the world-renowned hospice.

Says Jimi: “Watching the great care delivered by Birmingham’s St Mary’s Hospice gave me an even deeper understanding of why people raise funds for the charity. It was just the feeling they were helping you to give the very best of life, at the end of life. And you just want to give back, to do something to help.”