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Warwickshire venue teams up with lifestyle coach to offer fitness, health and wellbeing sessions

A popular Warwickshire venue has teamed up with a personal trainer and lifestyle coach to offer fitness, health and wellbeing sessions, aimed at women who want to create a healthy body and balanced mind.

The House and Orangery, which is based in Newbold Terrace East, Leamington Spa, will welcome Blossom Place to its venue every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday daytime to offer a monthly package, which includes personal training, full body workouts, guided relaxation and lifestyle coaching.

The Ladies’ signature package, run by Fiona Bothwell, focuses on the five pillars of wellbeing; physical activity, stress management, nutrition, lifestyle and sleep.

Each month, clients will enjoy a minimum of eight full body workouts and a lifestyle coaching session.

To celebrate its launch, a special price of £99 is being offered for the first month, which is usually £129 per month.

Sarah Miller, Owner of The House and Orangery, said: “Health and wellbeing is so important, so we were delighted when Fiona reached out to host her sessions at our venue”.

“We’ve invested £350,000 in our Orangery, as we felt Warwickshire was missing a versatile venue with outdoor space for all occasions.”

Fiona is a qualified personal trainer, stress management consultant and lifestyle coach, who has more than 15 years’ experience in health and wellness education.

She spent time in London, Vancouver and New York learning the craft from some of the pioneers in the industry.

Fiona said: “It’s so important to provide the tools the body needs to function at its best, which includes adequate sleep, a nourishing diet, movement and managed stress-levels”.

“It’s not easy in our busy modern lives to meet these needs and we often find we don’t have any energy left for ourselves, this is where I can help. “

She added: “My signature package mixes physical exercise with relaxation and meditation to create synergy between the mind and body”.

When deciding to where to host her workshops, she added: “The Orangery has lots of natural daylight and beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, which creates a great atmosphere for our group sessions and allows us to do outdoor PT sessions too.”

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