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Henwood Court supports the Ocean5 in their #EcoPledge

The Ocean 5

Sutton Coldfield based financial planners, Henwood Court, have pledged to support an expedition across the Atlantic by The Ocean5 in a quest to raise £250k for an environmental charity.

The 5 adventurers are taking on the challenge of a lifetime and planning to cross the Atlantic in what’s considered the world’s toughest row. Three members of the five man crew have made their living from the sea as crewmen on super yachts. They have seen first hand the devastation that plastics causes to the Oceans and have picked a charity which is making a difference, The Plastic Soup Foundation, whose mission is to clean up the oceans.

MD of Henwood Court, Nick Platt, heard of the planned expedition and jumped at the chance to support by sponsoring the team £3k for much needed kit.

“We went island hopping around Borneo last year and the ocean was full of floating plastic bottles, this is when it really hit home to me how bad this problem has become. When I heard what the guys planned to do we jumped at the chance to support them.”

“Helping via the Plastic Soup Foundation by supporting this mission is a small way Henwood Court can give back and highlight this problem so we can all do something however small about it before the problem becomes irreversible.”

Nick Platt – MD Henwood Court

The Ocean5 will begin their row in early December joining 25 other teams in the 2019 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. Rowing continuously for 24 hours each day they will face sleep deprivation, isolation and physical exhaustion.

Veteran adventurer and businessman Kevin Gaskell, who initiated the idea to row across the ocean, has the role of coordinating the team’s preparation for the race.  This will be his 15th expedition having already walked to both the north and south pole and climbed some of the world’s highest mountains. He will be joined on the row by his son Matt together with Will Hollingshead, Chris Hodgson and Lichfield based personal trainer Sam Coxon.

“More people have travelled into space than travelled the 3300 miles across the Atlantic Ocean so success on this row requires a focused and dedicated training programme to cover everything from physical fitness, mental focus and all of the seafaring skills necessary to ensure as far as we can a safe crossing.

We have created lots of ways in which people and/or businesses can support us and reach our fundraising target – please check out our website:

Kevin Gaskell