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Gearing up for the GRE and finding GRE test prep materials to succeed

If you’re the type to think that you can review only a week before your GRE and easily succeed, then think again. Every kind of test needs preparation to get a satisfying score. But before tackling preparation tips and all, you must understand what GRE is.

What is GRE?

A GRE or Graduate Record Examination is vital if you plan to go to a business or graduate school. Globally, GRE is one of the requirements for your application in a graduate school. Although the GRE consists of standardized multiple-choice, graduate schools use your GRE scores as a basis during your application.

To help familiarize yourself with the GRE, you can take GRE prep courses to help you understand the following sections in the GRE:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment – In here, you’ll do two timed tasks that should usually last for half an hour each task. This section evaluates how you can formulate reasonable and clear essays for a complex idea. Thus, you’ll write an essay analyzing an argument and an issue.
  • Verbal Reasoning Assessment – In this section, you’ll answer 20 questions within an hour. The verbal reasoning section measures how you can analyze written materials. For instance, you’ll complete a sentence using the most appropriate word. Also, you’ll answer questions from reading comprehension. To sum it up, this section aims to assess your vocab.
  • Quantitative Reasoning Assessment – This section consists of 40 questions with a time limit of an hour. In here, you’ll answer mathematical problems from arithmetic to trigonometry, algebra to calculus, and other higher level of math. Thus, you should prepare to solve mathematical problems quickly.

Your GRE score, along with your supporting documents, will show if you’re ready for a graduate program. Not only that but if you want to apply for a graduate school program scholarship like an MBA scholarship in Nottingham, getting a high GRE score has a bearing. That’s why getting a high score on the GRE is essential to automatically have a positive impact on your application. One way to achieve such is to prepare before taking the exam.

Best Ways To Prepare For The GRE

When preparing for your GRE, you must plan and do it sincerely. This way, you won’t waste your time, effort, and money only to get a low GRE. Here’s how you can prepare before taking the GRE:

  • Take A GRE Preliminary Test – Before you can draft a study plan, make a realistic GRE practice test. This way, you can assess your scores, and you’ll know what to focus on. Also, taking a practice test can help stimulate your brain to review for your GRE. Since you’ll see the exam format and timing, it’ll motivate you to study well.
  • Schedule Your Review – Since you’ll know what sections need priority, you can set a schedule when and what section to study. For instance, if you know you’re more mentally alert during the wee hours of the day, then study the section that needs more focus. Then, study the section with the least focus on the hours that you’re not usually mentally alert. This way, you can retain more information on the section you need to study more.
  • Use GRE Test Prep Materials – To help you study well, you should use GRE Test Prep Materials. Since there are numerous GRE prep materials that you can have either for free or with a price, you must choose the ones that can help you succeed with your GRE.

The Best GRE Test Prep

As mentioned, a lot of GRE test prep materials are readily available, especially online. However, even if you avail more than a dozen GRE test prep materials, if they don’t have helpful content, you’ll just be wasting your time. To avoid picking out the wrong GRE test prep material, here are the things you need to consider:

  • Find a material that will guide you on how the GRE works. Although you’ve taken a practice test, reading authoritative guides will set your expectations. But you should read the ones with the latest edition to keep you updated with the newest GRE.
  • Choose the ones with a broad range of test questions. This way, you can practice more on answering possible questions. Although some may not be the same questions, you can use them as a reference to know what to study.
  • Since test-takers have different learning styles, it’s best if the test prep material has various modes. Not only should the material be written, but it must also have audio or video materials. This way, you can retain more information using the most suitable learning style for you.
  • Moreover, if the material has tips on how to score high in a GRE, then the better. Although not all may be applicable, you can still learn strategies that can help you with the challenging sections. This way, you can choose the best strategy you can use on the real GRE.


So when you want to succeed in getting a high GRE score, you must adequately gear up yourself. If you understand what and how GRE works, then you’ll know how to prepare. Thus, you should not forget to familiarize yourself with the GRE test sections and strategies that will help you. When you use the best GRE test prep materials, then you’ll surely get valuable test techniques for your GRE.