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Why social media presence is important for small business

One of the biggest hurdles we have noticed in the small business market is that businesses just do not have the finances to “go big” on marketing. Many companies turn to High Street Banks or look for an investor to fund the growth of the business, but that is not for everyone.

With the right small business funding you can afford to create and unleash a social media presence campaign that sets your business apart from the competition and earns it the industry respect it deserves.

Below we discuss 5 of the top reasons why your small business should invest in a social media marketing campaign.

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Social Media Presence

  • To boost brand awareness.

In the past, small businesses found it tough to create a unique brand and advertise it frequently enough for the general population to start recognising and recalling it. That is how advertising works – the more adverts are seen, the better for business. With a social media presence, the entire process is simplified and sped up. You can make your small business stand out from the crowd by ensuring that consumers know what sets you apart from other suppliers in your industry. Think about it… say you own a company that makes a multi-purpose product. Creating a series of ‘how-to’ videos to show people all the many ways they can use your product is valuable to clients. And you can easily share them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. What is more is that your audience is instantly exposed to it. You do not have to wait for them to drive past your billboard or listen to the radio at just the right time. Social media posts are there – forever.

  • To make sure you are not forgotten (stay current).

Consumers nowadays are looking for companies that have an active presence. If your company has a dormant public image, chances are that customers are going to be wary of dealing with you. If your business is out of sight, it will certainly be out of mind. When you regularly post images, content or news on your specials, you can keep reminding customers that you are there. This makes it easy for customers to remember you and refer you to others too. A social media presence also lets you connect in real time with customers. You can answer questions quickly, provide product links, and really make your customers feel valued.

  • To increase ROI (return on investment).

Small businesses find themselves stuck in an awkward situation when it comes to advertising. Their customers do not know they exist because they cannot afford advertising, and they cannot advertise because their customers are not able to buy their products. Advertising on billboards, television, radio, and magazines is very expensive. A social media presence costs comparatively less. In fact, it can cost thousands of pounds less, in most instances. This means that when you carry out social media marketing, your ROI is worth it. It also means that every penny spent on social marketing is warranted because you fine-tune your audience so that your posts are only displayed to the most viable audience.

  • To increased business flow.

There is absolutely no way to deny it; if your business does not have an active social media presence, you will be losing out on a lot of potential profit. You can increase your business flow exponentially just by joining social media. You can really make a difference by further working on a strategic social media marketing campaign. Most consumers turn to the online world for finding products, reading reviews, and seeing if companies are worth their time. Consumers want to know what they are buying before they buy it and by having a social media presence, they should be able to find all the information they need in a just a few clicks. You need to create a buzz, so that people start talking about your business. Customers also like to share information on great products with their connections which means that you can earn new customers daily. If you are not found online by your potential customers, you will miss out on a great deal of sales.

  • To position your business as an industry authority.

If you want to truly stand out from the crowd, join social media groups that are relevant to your industry. Keep an eye out for questions asked, comments made, and reviews posted online. Respond to these posts to build a rapport with your customer base. The more knowledgeable you sound, the more you can position your business as an industry authority.

If your small business does not have a social media presence, now is the time to start working on it.