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Why is technology in business important?

The tech world is always evolving with developers finding different ways to create modern day technology. Without technology, businesses would not be able to run. Businesses use technology for, accounts, customer service, recruitment, HR, manufacturing and even to improve services. Technology enables businesses to make money and produce results. In order to run technology smoothly, you must understand how to use it or get the right training. Technology is what helps run the world!

Benefits of using technology:

Technology will forever be evolving, simply because it is always changing and being developed. It’s being used everyday and has changed the way we work and communicate. Without technology we wouldn’t be able to do the smallest online tasks such as; send a message, order online and check social media.

Extra learning – self teaching is huge at the moment and technology has enabled this to happen. Technology makes it easy to be able to learn and develop by giving you access to lots of research, online training courses and tests.

Easy communication – since we have been using technology, communication has improved. It gives you access to communicate efficiently in work and all over the world!

Security – protects you against hacking, identity theft and viruses. Your staff need to understand the importance of protecting their PC’s and all confidential information.

Marketing – technology enables companies to market their products and to gain an online presence. Without marketing your products you will not get the clients/customers that you want and you will find your resources very limited. Technology enables you to create new content and publish it out for the whole world to see.

How to be ‘tech savvy’:

The most important thing in becoming tech savvy is to keep up to date with modern day technology. As technology changes everyday you need to keep yourself up to date, by doing this you can teach others new technology and even learn a thing or two!

Here’s a few tips to help you along the way:

Take online classes or tutoring – there are 100’s out there which give you the tools to teach yourself and to progress further. Research from I Love Coding shows that 87% of candidates actually taught themselves a new programming language and 48.6% took up an online programme or software development course.

Consider further education (degree) – The main degree’s that tech companies require you to have is either a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. If you don’t have one, consider some further education.

Research – technology is growing everyday, the more research you do then the more you will learn and be up to date with modern day technology.

Join meet up groups – joining meet up groups can help you with your personal development and tech confidence. By going to a meet up group you can share new ideas and even learn a thing or two.

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