Major speaking dates for digital marketing guru

Ascendancy Director Helen Culshaw speaking at a Berlin summit

A leading Shropshire digital marketing expert has addressed an international conference in Berlin on how companies can get the best Return on Investment (ROI) on Google Ads.

Helen Culshaw, Founder of Ascendancy Internet Marketing based in Shifnal, attended the three-day International Medical Travel Journal’s (IMTJ) Medical Travel Summit – the fifth to be held after successful events in Athens, Croatia, Madrid and London over the past four years.

Ms Culshaw is now taking up invitations to address two major healthcare conferences in London to advise delegates on how to use social media and digital marketing in private practices. She will be speaking at the Doctors Club Private Practice event on February 5 and the BMA Private Practice Committee Conference on April 24.

The Berlin summit allowed industry leaders to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise in the areas of health tourism, medical travel and global patient market.

Ms Culshaw said: “My topic focused on the use of Google Ads and how they can be a valuable aid to business. Google Ads are the adverts you see at the top and bottom of the page when you type in a search on Google. They are extremely important in attracting customers who have entered a search on Google for certain relevant phrases.

“At Ascendancy, we work closely with Shropshire businesses to help them get a better return on investment on Google Ads.

“Many businesses waste considerable sums of money through lack of knowledge, with inexperienced staff or agencies managing their accounts for them. They can be a vital aid to the success of a business and there is no doubt businesses are still missing out by not fully optimising the performance of their accounts.

“The forthcoming dates present the opportunity to talk about the importance and benefits of social media and digital marketing in running a successful business. My presentation on February 5 will once again focus on the importance of Google Ads for companies.

“The private practice marketing masterclass is a chance to hear presentations from experts in the various fields of marketing and how to make the most of it and I am honoured to be invited.”

The event on April 24 once again focuses on private healthcare and will be offering advice on a wide range of different topics related to running a private practice.

“I will be speaking about Marketing Your Private Practice Online and the importance of having a website,” added Ms Culshaw. “I will also cover getting yourself listed on Google Maps, what to do about social media and using Google Ads to generate enquiries.

“This particular conference is aimed at those working within independent healthcare and the ability to adapt to stay in line with current best practice.

“I am delighted to have been invited to address both conferences and have the opportunity to pass on details and advice on digital marketing and how it can be used to develop successful business practice.”