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Birmingham’s brightest marketers meet for bhajis, beer & banter

More than 100 of Birmingham’s talented marketing specialists attended the IPA’s (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising) regional annual industry event last Thursday night hosted by Michelle Wright, Gough Bailey Wright (GBW) Company Director and City Head for the IPA.

Baked in Brick in the Custard Factory became the backdrop to the Creative Marketing, PR & Digital event of the year.  With Birmingham’s brightest attending from the region’s IPA member agencies including the award-winning GBW.

As IPA City Head, Michelle welcomed guest speaker Patrick Collister whose remarkable career includes Creative Head of Google’s creative think-tank the Zoo. During the evening, Patrick shared his insightful experiences within the advertising industry, making reference to his iconic TV ads and creating discussion around how these might look today.

Michelle said: “It has been a pleasure to host such a well-attended event. I’ve been in the business a long time and my role as IPA Head for the region has given me an opportunity to excite and enthuse the next generation. It was lovely to see so much talent and creativity under one roof and in my home town. To play a key role in bringing together the region’s thriving creative industry is a real privilege.”

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